Solar PV generated Export Tarrif support ?

Hi there,
Does Bulb energy support home Solar PV generation export tariff ? I am planning to switch from SSE, but not sure if Bulb pays for privately generated solar PV export tarrif

@SuMe, they do not (yet) but there’s no reason why your FIT cannot be with another company whilst your main supplier is Bulb.

Thanks @mowcius, I just had the solar PV installed 2 weeks back, and still a bit unsure about these processes. I assumed that the FiT rate was only the govt part of the export tarrif, and the energy supplier paid the Generation export tarrif ! Let me call my FiT supplier through which I jave just made the applicaion, and see if they pay both the parts. Thanks for your help.

I am a bit concerned to note that Bulb does not recognise the Feed In Tariff. Having spent a major amount of money getting this installed, I am worried in case changing to Bulb will cause me to lose this income.

@LindaandPete , it won’t. In my case my Fit supplier is Good Energy. And we are just in the process of switching energy to Bulb from SSE. The FiT supplier will continue to be GoodEnergy even after this switch. And yes, they will pay both the parts of the FiT… hope that helps.

Hi @SuMe and @LindaandPete

The FIT tariff arrangement you make with a FIT provider will not impact your energy agreement with Bulb or vice-versa. They’re separate from each other, just choose a energy company for the solar panels and the FIT is essentially a payment from the government, through energy companies.