Solar SEG Bulb Payment Issues (Read before you sign up)

Curious if others have had this issue.

  • I signed up for the Bulb SEG scheme in April and provided my initial export reading - lets call that X

  • I got an email in June asking for a new reading and provided that - lets call that Y where Y > X thanks to the sun!

  • I contacted Bulb asking when I would get paid for my reading Y and they said that is my start reading, not X (!!)

No explanation as to why they needed another reading but feel cheated. Have raised a complaint so will post back where that gets me but curious on others experience with Bulb SEG.

Hey @jklondon

I can see my colleague Will has recently emailed you but just to reiterate what he said-

To clarify, the reading you recently submitted does not affect your export payments - your export account has been open since 13 April 2021 and the opening reading is 184 kWh. Sorry if you received different information about that. The reading you submitted subsequently is used to update the National Grid on how much energy you have exported.

The next payment round is in October :blush:

Hi Holly, Yes he gave me the correct info (which make sense) which was contrary to what the support rep told me. So good now.

@jklondon Ah sorry about that! I’m glad we’ve been able to clarify :sun_with_face:

Have you been paid for your June reading?
I havent and Bulb hasn’t answered my email querying this

Hey Roger :wave:

We can double check for you- it looks like the address you have attached to community and that you emailed from isn’t linked to a Bulb Account. I recommend emailing from the email linked on your account and they should be able to help :sunny:

I only use Bulb for export so don’t have a Bulb account

also emails to that email address bounce immediately

@rwbarrett - ah ok! If you email the address above someone from our solar team should be able to get back to you soon :slight_smile:

as previously advised the [] bounces emails - I’ve used the web request and had no reply in over 2 weeks - how else do I get a response?

Hi @rwbarrett :wave:

Ah I’m sorry the email bounces back - that’s frustrating!

Instead, I’ve just dropped you an email. If you could reply to that with the information requested, and then I can pass it onto our solar team :sun_with_face:

– Meg :bulb: