I don’t see anything on Bulb’s site about solar being part of Bulb’s energy mix. Does Bulb not purchase solar generated electricity or have I misunderstood?

Almost all of our electricity is from hydroelectric and biogen. (By biogen, we mean anaerobic digestion of organic matter such as animal or food waste to produce electricity and biofertiliser.) We buy a very small portion of our electricity from one small solar plant, though.

Hi @a_r_schein, are you able to provide/publish a list of Bulb’s renewable energy generators?
Also, is there a particular reason why solar doesn’t feature more highly for Bulb? Thanks

Hi @rishi227

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. We’ve published our fuel mix on and we also have a page dedicated to all of our generators on So take a gander at both of those.

We partner with the generators because they provide what we need at the moment. It’s not a reflection on solar (which is a great energy source), but rather that it’s best for our hedging strategy to partner with generators ahead of time, rather than at time of use. Biogen and hydro tend to be better for that need.

Solar is a great fuel and we do buy solar, and other sources, when we need more energy than our partners provide.

Hope this helps.