Hi, Installed 3kw of solar PV and also switched to Bulb one month ago.Tell me about feedin tariffs. I understand I get 50% allowance based on usage. I haven’t got a smart meter so no export is logged. Do I need to tell Bulb that I have PVs so I get the allowance? Would appreciate any input. Thanks

Surely your installer went through all this with you regarding what paperwork needs to be completed? Surely this is something your researched in depth before going ahead with what is a considerable purchase?

Did you have the system installed before the cutoff date for FIT? The phrase “50% allowance based on usage” is not correct and doesn’t make much sense. That’s not how FIT works. If you had the system installed after the cutoff date, then currently you get nothing for your exported energy.

Hi @Trevassist9 ,

There are a few different forms of tariff your solar PV could go on.

If you sign up and are eligible for FiT, we’ll pay your FIT payments to you once a quarter. We’ll ask for your meter readings at the end of every quarter.
Once you’ve given us your meter readings we’ll work out how much we owe you. We’ll pay you within two weeks of the start of the next quarter.

As part of your sign up process, you can choose to be paid into your bank account, your Bulb account, or to pay someone else entirely.

As part of the Feed in Tariff you get paid for the actual generation of the energy, known as the generation tariff.

You get paid this fixed rate for the total amount of electricity you produce. There are different tariff rates according to the type of installation you have. You can find a detailed breakdown of tariff rates on the Ofgem website.

Or additionally we run the Export Tariff which is our own separate version to replace the FiT

You get paid this fixed rate for the amount of electricity that you put back on the grid. If you don’t have an export meter then your export amount is estimated to be 50% of what you generate (except for hydro installations at 25%). If you have an export meter, you will be paid for exactly how much you generate.

If you have a first generation smart meter then you won’t need an export tariff has the meter will be measuring your exported energy too.