[solved] Referal Credit Missing

I’ve signed up thru a referal link, but now that i’ve completed the switch, i’ve not recieved the £50 credit.

I've signed up thru a referal link, but now that i've completed the switch, i've not recieved the £50 credit.

Only the Bulb team will be able to advise what has happened to your credit. You can find their details by clicking the "Help button at the top of this page and then scrolling down to the bottom.

Is anything showing on your referral lpage at: https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/refer.

Perhaps the person whose link you used to join Bulb is no longer a Bulb customer or perhaps never completed their switch.

Thanks @Allanr

Ordinarily, those are the reasons why referral credit would not be added to the account.

In this case, it’s because @xup6 has had an account with us previously. When there are two accounts with the same email address, it throws off our referral tracker. Joe, our referral engineer is on the case with this one.

@xup6 I’ve credited both you and the person who referred you with £50. Sorry for the delay.