Some stuff about Sam

Hi Peeps,

Thought I’d introduce my self on the community. I’m Sam and I’m one of the Member Support guys here at Bulb. Anything you’re not sure about or need some advice on just give me a shout. Come to think of it, anything you ARE sure about or HAVE advice on is also greatly received on the community!

In a completely unrelated note, I’m a pretty keen egg chaser, so I can’t wait for the Rugby World Cup on home soil. In fact, anything sport related gets the old juices flowing, so hit me up with your favourite sporty trivia or videos.

Here we have bollywoods interpretation of my favorite sport…

See you around,


That’s probably one of the best videos I’ve ever seen. Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Lol great video @Sam

eggs and rugby is that some kind of boy code talk :o
Hi @Sam

@pinkcalculator egg chaser = rugby player! For some reason someone who wrote the rules decided an egg shaped ball was a good idea…

Im not really into sport or anything that gets you dirty wet messy but i must admit segway

is fun heres the girls on them the other week I had a go a few years ago certainly something to try.

Looks great fun. Great that you managed to get picture uploads to work on your new machine btw

I have been meaning to try a segway out. Looks like so much fun @pinkcalculator

@Siobhan theres often deals for going on them on groupon and wowcher, groupon have a sale on local deals ending tonight so maybe have a look, theres various places to choose from if you go for norfolk you can always come and see us :slight_smile:

Thanks @pinkcalculator, will check it.
Aww thanks for the very kind offer, hopefully one day :slight_smile: