Something is seriously wrong with your android app and your awareness of new customers accounts

So I signed up to Bulb on the 15th of February 2018, and was given a transfer date of 8th of March 2018 for both gas and electricity from British Gas to Bulb.

My electricity account transferred over successfully, however, on the 25th of February I received an email from Bulb - indicating British Gas’ objection to my gas transfer till I cleared my balance with them.

I cleared by balance with British Gas on the 27th of February and was told by them that my gas account would now be moved over.

On the 3rd of March I got an email asking for my ‘first meter readings’ from Bulb.

I tried to submit the readings via the Bulb android app but there was only an electric meter reading option and no gas option. So I called Bulb and was told that it was due to British Gas objecting my transfer and my gas supply was still with British Gas. I told the call handler that I had already cleared the issue, at which point the call handler checked the system and informed me my gas would now be transferred at some point in late March. Soon after the call, the option to submit my gas meter readings became available on my android app.

Since then I’ve been submitting my meter readings each month for both gas and electric via the app. However, I’ve noticed today (6th of May 2018) that those readings are not being recorded under my Bulb account, and because they have not been recorded, apparently British Gas still supplies my gas and is charging me for gas usage at their standard high cost tariff prices.

Now for my current predicament - I’ve been paying the fixed monthly direct debit to Bulb each month, for three months now, for both gas and electricity, meanwhile quietly accumulating a bill with British Gas for gas usage…

I’m now frustrated on multiple accounts:

  1. My switchover to Bulb was not smooth - Bulb did not notice British Gas had given my account the green light to be transfered over automatically, I had to call before any action was taken, thus delaying my transfer.

  2. I have to physically read my energy meters and then give you their readings, and even when I do so on the app that Bulb provides, Bulb fails to record/ receive them.

  3. I’ve just spent a good hour or two on a Sunday writing this post so that you’ll look at my account - why isn’t there a system in place to flag the state of my account as being a bit odd?

Hi @raeesgillani

Thanks for your detailed message, and I am very sorry that the switch did not go as smoothly as planned. Please let me address your points in turn.

  1. I am sorry that we didn’t get the switch back underway when we said that we would. I have now registered for your gas supply for 22 May. This has resulted in a delay of two and a half months. This isn’t good enough, so I have credited your account with £30 as an apology.
  2. There has also been an issue with the switchover readings. I have entered the readings that you submitted yesterday, and will contact British Gas to ensure that they use the correct readings. This has meant that they are not recorded immediately on your Bulb Account (we have them in a different bucket, which notifies us of potential problems). Once the issue with British Gas has been resolved, you’ll be able to submit readings in future.
  3. Sorry that you had to spend your time writing your post. We are looking into having more member-led actions on your Bulb Account, until then, the best thing to do is to give us a call on 0300 30 30 635 or write an email to

I have refunded you £120 to your bank. £90 for the lack of gas that we have supplied you with (gas bills usually come to one third of energy bills, and you have paid us £270 so far), and the £30 goodwill credit.

Sorry again for the multiple mixups on your account.

Best wishes,
@“Owen at Bulb”

Hey @“Owen at Bulb” , thank you for your reply and efforts.

However, It is now the 4th of June, and I’m still with British Gas.

.I called British Gas today and they’ve told me they’re still supplying my gas, and have received no meter readings from you guys.

Please note when I set plans to transfer over to Bulb I had to clear my balance with British Gas to £0 and they then allowed the transfer, however a letter dated 28th May says I now owe them £500 and this is only continuing to increase on their standard expensive tariff… lmfao!

Hi @raeesgillani I am really sorry about this. It looks like there was an error in the registration when I applied last time.

I am sorry we should have picked up on this and we didn’t.

I have registered again, and double checked that the message has been sent out this time. The switch will now take place on 20 June. I have added a further £20 compensation to your account for this mistake at our end.