Something isn't adding up

So I’m getting quite irritated at how inaccurate my gas bill seems to be.

It is 2am, and my gas reading says I’ve spent 2.60 since midnight!

Is that even humanly possible?

I’m constantly feeling like I’m paying far more on gas than I should be and I’m not even sure if my bills taken are correct as I topped up my account with £400 which has since disappeared and the billing doesn’t quite make sense with a number of statement corrections and debits.

Can someone please educate me to what is going on here? I’m sure I was paying miles less with British gas!

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Hey @A_Mufti :wave:

Hmmm, the standing charge is applied at midnight on some IHDs so has this been taken into consideration?

We are getting smart meter readings from your meters so these should be accurate to use and the IHD should be showing this. Do you have any heating on a timer for example that might also make a difference?

– H :bulb: