Somethings not adding up

Bulb have sent me a statement to say my energy usage is £138 this month. I paid £80, and they took £60 credit from my account, that’s fine. £80 + £40 = £140 bill covered. So why is my account now - £75?!

Your statement should tell you exactly why you’ve got a £75 debit balance. Check the opening balance on the statement to see if there was a debit balance brought forward from the previous statement.

Check your actual meter readings against what it says on the bill. Two days ago they billed me £267. A day later they reversed this and billed me £163. As usual there was no explanation as to why they had inially billed me for way more electricity than I’d used. Bear in mind that they took the readings remotely from my ‘smart’ meter, so this was not an estimate.

You cannot trust Bulb’s billing process. Last October they they charged me £1, 500 more that I’d used. This still has not been sorted out, despite being escalted to the Ombudsman.

I don’t understand it, my statement was £136 but my monthly usage is £59.

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The monthly usage is what Bulb estimates is your average monthly usage based on the size of the property. Your actual usage will be different from this - most likely higher in winter.

To make sure you have accurate monthly statements you should upload a meter read every month. In your case this would be either just before or on the last day of each month.

It is also worth noting that your payment may be pending - this means they have come out of your bank account but haven’t got through to your Bulb Account just yet - so when they come through then that amount will be added to your account balance.

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