Soon to be Moving in

I am currently purchasing a property supplied by Bulb and on trying to find out the process of a new account etc, the information I am reading states that " If you’ve moved into a home supplied by Bulb, just let us know you’ve moved in through our form." I am puzzled by this process as I would have thought the previous owner would have cancelled their agreement with you before moving out. If we were to move in ‘and then try to set up an account’ does this mean we would be without power for a week or two whilst the new details are set up?

The Bulb account is with the property, you wont be disconnected during the switch over, but do take the readings when you move in including an image with a date stamp.

Someone has to be supplying the property with electricity (“ElecCo”) and gas (“GasCo”) when you move in.

Since it’s simply not practical to make supply arrangements in advance, you always inherit the existing supplier to a property (new-build could be an exception).

So you will start off with ElecCo and GasCo whoever they might be (and they could be a single company if the outgoing occupier had a dual-fuel arrangement), even if you absolutely don’t want to deal with those suppliers.

Once you’re in and settled, you can shop around and switch to whomever you prefer.

As scudo says, make sure to take meter readings as soon as you take possession of the property (photos are useful supporting evidence).

Thanks Scudo, being new to this I was a bit uninformed and never had a clue.

Thanks Steve, all very crystal clear now and can now relax, will follow both of your advice to the letter.

Hi @andy11, hopefully you got everything you wanted from @stevefoster and @scudo

If you need a bit more assistance just let us know. The second part of this help article offers a lot of great advice too if you need any: