SP Comfort Plus to Bulb E7 process?

So I’ve seen lots of discussion about moving from Scottish Power Comfort Plus to Bulb Economy 7. Do Bulb have an efficient way of doing this now please?
Getting SP to change my meter to an E7 one is hard work. They always claim that you need to remove the storage heaters before they’ll do it - and have done so with everyone for ages. Not true for us!
If you have a neat package that sorts this for SP prisoners then you’ll probably get all of the Comfort Plus business.
Do we just sign up for a move to Bulb through the usual mechanism or is there more discussion to be had?

If you can get SP to change your meter to an E7 meter then you can go straight on the Bulb E7 tariff when you switch. If you switch to Bulb then request an E7 meter, there would be a charge of around £120, although I’m not 100% sure if they’re still installing them.

If you currently have a 2 MPAN set-up with SP, you can (probably) still switch to Bulb without changing your meter but would be charged 2 standing charges, 1 MPAN would be on the E7 tariff and the storage heaters MPAN would likely go on the standard variable tariff. The storage heater MPAN could possibly be de-energised (with some rewiring by an electrician) so all your supply could be charged at E7.

Bulb can install a SMETS2 smart meter free of charge at some point but currently are unable to offer this in tandem with E7 or their smart tariff.

That is the sum total of my knowledge having helped switch my parents from SP Comfort Plus to Bulb a couple of months back. It was a very painful process so we haven’t broached the de-energising question yet so I’ve no answers on that front. Hope that helps you. @“Eleanor at Bulb” will hopefully agree with what I’ve said and might be able to give you specific advice with regard to your particular meter set-up.

Thanks for that @norman7115 . The best way would be to get an E7 meter installed but SP not making it easy. Can anyone explain why I would need to remove storage heaters? Storage heaters work just as well on E7 surely?

Going through the switch process, Bulb were able to tell me that my parents’ existing meter had multiple off-peak periods, although my mum and dad thought it was just the usual day and night set-up similar to E7. For this reason Bulb couldn’t offer their E7 tariff for the storage heater MPAN.

I’m guessing that SP reckon that the Comfort Plus storage meters are configured to these multi off-peak periods and therefore won’t work with an E7 meter. If that’s the case (and I am guessing) I don’t see how the storage heaters couldn’t be reprogrammed.

The Comfort Plus meter activates at night and for a couple of hours during the day. The storage heaters aren’t programmed for time - most don’t have that functionality. They are simply connected to a separate circuit on the fuse board that activates when the cheap rate turns on at night or in the day. That’s how the storage heaters turn on. E7 works the same as far as I’m aware. The night rate live wire from the meter activates the separate circuit and turns on the heaters.

Surely people use storage heaters on meters other than SP’s Comfort Plus?

Storage heaters are used on Economy 7 and Economy 10 and whatever other tariffs offer cheaper off-peak electricity, so I don’t see what SP’s issue is.

My parents’ meter is a radio teleswitch meter and as far as I know Economy 7 meters work by radio teleswitch too.

Well I’m going through the process with SP. Will let you know how it goes (badly so far!)
I suspect I will end up talking to the Ombudsman and all the fun that entails.
Done it before and got money out of SP. Just not what I want to be doing…

SP are willing to change the meter to E7 but they say only 1 output on their E7 meters. How will the storage heater circuit be activated with only 1 output? Do I have to get the fuseboard rewired with a timer on the storage heater circuit?
Surely E7 meters for storage heaters should have a separate output - most storage heaters don’t have timers on them?