Space for smart meter fitting

In your explanation of requirements for the fitting of a smart meter you say that you will need at least 2 feet of space around the meter. My meter is in an external cupboard and there is therefore very little space to the sides, above and below, but plenty of space in front. Does this prevent me from having a smart meter? If so, surely it will prevent thousands of houses in the same way?

I would risk the £30 and let the engineers have a look. I don’t have anything like 2ft space around it either (my meter is behind a kitchen cabinet) but the engineers never mentioned it and made it work. Having said that, the meter itself is quite a bit bigger than the one it replaced - and you will need some wall space that isn’t being used at the moment. Your call …

Billp Send a photo of the meter to and let them decide if a meter could be installed.That’s what I was told to do.
If the engineer turns up and can’t fit the meter you’ll be charged £30.