Spike in electricity this month? Any suggestions

I pay manually each month and only pay what I use so I don’t fall into debt.
However I noticed this month my electricity bill is huge. I have enough credit to pay it, it just seems a large amount.

How much electricity did you use?
For this period, your average usage was
42 kWh/day or £ 6.94/day
Last year, in the same period, your average usage was
11 kWh/day

Meter readings
14 March 2021 55278 Estimate
23 March 2021 56297 Customer Read
14 April 2021 56582 Estimate
Energy 1304 kWh @ 15.24 p/kWh £ 198.68
Standing charge 31 days @ 19.87 p/day £ 6.16

Any suggestions? It’s just myself and my partner. I do use electric fans to help heat the house but can’t think of anything else that would cause such a high bill.

There could be any number of reasons why usage has gone up however I see that estimates are being used so first would check this against actual usage as this could be way out.

Hi @Humanracer, :wave:

I have had a look at your account and the reason is as you uploaded an accurate meter read and we had been billing you to estimates for quite some time before this.

So the usage isn’t for one month but it is for months of underestimating your usage, like a catch up bill.

I recommend uploading monthly meter reads, so that you know exactly what you are using and never have a shock bill.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


As Bulb uses estimates on the 14th each month, you should give actual meter readings for gas and electric on the 11th of each month, otherwise, they will keep estimating what you use.

Hello there,

Exactly @Doinita, but @Humanracer, I’d suggest submitting on the 12th as the earliest, and you’ll have until the 14th to submit the read to make sure the reading is used for the bill.

Let us know if you have any more questions about this.

Freya :bulb:

I found in my house it was the washing machine and tumble drier electric oven all worth checking methinks.

Hi @cherryp47, I’m glad you got to the bottom of this! We definitely agree, if anyone thinks their appliances might be zapping more energy than expected, and you’re not able to get to the bottom of it yourself, you can get an electrician to conduct a trace test on these :mag_right:

Lou :stars:

I find my smart meter good in identifying which appliances use a lot of energy, there seems to be a slight lag but you can work out what are the high users on the monitor e.g. tumble drier used a lot more than I thought.

Hi @Ricky.String, great to hear that you’re able to pinpoint the appliances which tend to cause a higher usage than others using your IHD.

Tumble driers are notoriously greedy when it comes to usage, as can other white-goods, it’s worth checking how energy efficient they are when first purchased if you are looking to reduce your bills as much as possible.

Freya :bulb:

Next in the list is Electric Bar heaters Hairdryers and Electric lawn mowers

Here is a list I compiled:


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This is great @cherryp47 :brain:

It would be interesting to see how much energy you could save by using these appliances in the greenest times of the grid.

We tried that out with a couple of us in our Team and it seemed to yield some interesting results. We wrote a bit about it here if you’d like to take a look!