Spinning wheel of doom

So I have a video (which I cant post) which shows my gas meter readings spinning round like a fruit machine. I recorded it for about 5 mins and stopped when my arm got tired. It continued to add up for a good 20 mins more before slowing down to a new much higher total then stopping. So what? Well no Gas was actually being used at the time.

I have no idea how long it had being doing this before I noticed as there is alot of noise when i work in the cellar I have contacted bulb and provided a shortened video as requested and to be fair they are booking an engineer to look at this.
Now my question is where do I stand on this? Clearly my newish meter has gone a bit bonkers and now and I’m probably going to be charged for gas I haven’t used. Has anyone been in a similar situation and has any advice? Is this a normal thing that meters do and I’m worrying over nothing?

If I was you I would turn the gas off at the tap by the meter and take a photo of it and the meter reading . Then watch the meter itself . It should stop turning . Then you know if it’s faulty . Perhaps you already know it’s faulty . I would not turn the gas back on until the meter is repaired or replaced . Or only use gas if you need to and write the numbers down on the meter to keep a check of the usage . At least if the gas is turned off you can not be billed for gas that you have not used . Be honest and say the gas has been off all the time and that the meter is really faulty . Don’t take a chance of getting a massive gas bill . Torn the tap off until you have worked out what is wrong and get it sorted .

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We had a similar situation where the gas meter was registering gas usage even when the gas supply was turned off. Eventually Bulb sent an engineer (from Cadent) who confirmed that the meter was faulty. We had a smart meter installed as a replacement, which has never worked as advertised (doesn’t send data to Bulb or IHD).

We then received a bill from Bulb using the final meter reading from the faulty meter, which was of course way above what we were using. Our estimated annual usage figure more than doubled. We started a complaint. During the eight weeks of the complaint cycle Bulb refused to answer direct questions and were generally very uncooperative. Bulb said they had no record of the engineer’s visit confirming the faulty meter and that we had to provide that evidence. I contacted Cadent, who were excellent and provided the proof. We referred Bulb to the Ombudsman, who judged Bulb are entitled to wait for several readings from the new meter before judging our consumption rate but instructed Bulb to offer us a small amount of money in lieu of the time we had spent trying to resolve this with Bulb.

From the beginning of the dispute we cancelled our direct debit and paid our usual amount via the website.

Be aware that Bulb is not primarily concerned with customer service, only profit.

Good luck.

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Thats…very worrying :disappointed:

Yes. I’ve just started another complaint with Bulb as they have subtracted money from our account (using a ‘credit note’ that, bizarrely, is a minus figure) without explanation, inflated our estimated annual gas usage by over 10,000 kWh and haven’t paid the money the Ombudsman directed them to pay. Either they are inept or they are deliberately ripping us off. Neither is a good look. I wish you the very best of luck and never give up!

Hi @martyfartpants,

Thanks for your post! And i’m sorry to hear of the issues you are having with your gas meter.

Please could you send a video over to help@bulb.co.uk ASAP and we can get the metering team to check this out for you.

As @Plugsocket123 has mentioned, we can also do a burns test to check your meter is working correctly. There is also an accuracy test we can perform which @SoAngryWithBulb has discussed. You can read more about the meter test here.

I can see that my colleague is assisting with your query @SoAngryWithBulb but please let me know if you need anything else.

If you let me know once you have sent the video, I can take a look for you @martyfartpants

– Daisy :bulb:

Hello Daisy forgot to tell you sent it yesterday!

No problem @martyfartpants - I’m glad to see my colleague has got back to you and the team are looking to book you an appointment.

Please let me know if you need anything else

– Daisy :bulb:

UPDATE…nothing… Appreciate Bulb have bigger problems than me at the moment but I’m stuck with a gas meter that I caught spinning like a fruit machine when no body was using gas. Still have the 20 mins video footage incase this gets ugly

Hi @martyfartpants :wave:

I’m really sorry that this still hasn’t been resolved for you. I’ve spoken to my colleague that was getting this booked in for you, and asked them to get back to you with an update. I can see they were waiting for an update from the metering team, but they should have got this by now.

– Meg :bulb: