Splitting the main meter into two meters


I wonder if anyone has split the main meter into two meters. My situation is the current electirc meter is in the basement of the house however the top two floors are split into two separate flats. I want to charge them separately. Is there a way to split the electricity and install meters into the two flats? If so how much would it cost and do I ask Bulb to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Easiest way would be to have an electrician put secondary meters in for each flat. Every month take a reading for each meter and charge accordingly.
You should be able to buy secondary meters from ebay or ask the electrician if he can supply them

Hi @wongcheming

Thanks for your post, and thank you @Smart_fitter for your reply.

I just checked up on this with our metering team and they have said you have two options;

1 - Contact your DNO to have separate MPANs created for each part of the property you want on a separate meter (this may or may not require a service alteration from the DNO that would be chargeable)
Once you have the separate MPANs Bulb could then register those as new connections and install meters.

2 - You could get an electrician to install sub meters, this is the recommended, likely cheaper option.