Spring Clean of Community

Hello All,

As a team we’ve taken the time to review Community. We recognise the lack of attention it’s received due to other priorities these past months - we are really sorry about this. But, we’re excited to get the ball rolling with active changes from this week.

1. More Bulb Voices

We promise to have more Bulb voices contributing and responding regularly to your threads. This will help to provide clarity and direction, as well as giving some variety from our side and encouraging more of our members to become regular contributors.

2. Integration of Blog

We are going to trial integrating our Blog directly to Community. Community is the perfect platform to discuss our Blog posts and we think it’s really important and interesting to hear from you on these posts and facilitate discussion around different areas of Bulb - broad and niche.

3. Help Articles

To help keep Community a discussion forum, we’ll be linking important Help Articles as pinned posts and also creating an FAQ to help keep it tidy and inviting. This should encourage you as members to self-serve and find the best answers to common questions.

4. Q&A’s

The final addition for now will be Q&A’s with experts in specific areas from Bulb, run by a colleague with expertise in that area. We’re already working on arranging the first of these and the plan is to provide some real in depth insight into our troubleshooting process, as well as the logic behind different decisions. It will also keep the voices contributing to Community from our side fresh and relevant.

We’d all like to thank any posters who have contributed to Community whilst we’ve not been as active as we would have liked and we hope you see the benefits of our renewed efforts soon. Any constructive feedback on future changes will always be be welcomed.

Thanks for reading and chat soon.

Team Bulb