SSE smart meter - any good to Bulb?

A family member is currently switching to Bulb, and they have recently had a smart meter installed by SSE. It looks like this:

Is this a SMETS1 or a SMETS2 meter, i.e. will Bulb be able to take readings from it? They understand they won’t be able to use it as intended if it is SMETS1, but just wondering if they’ll still get the benefits of it.


I haven’t got a smart meter to able to confidently answer your query, but I think the photograph you have supplied isn’t a smart meter (happy to be be proved wrong) I think the photograph is of a smart meter monitor or tracker. The smart meter itself send a signal to the tracker every so often to advise your energy use and if you can save energy.

@matthew744 @allan608 is exactly right. These display units usually stop working after you switch to a different supplier. You can check out the guide here for help on taking a reading from your meter itself (the one attached to the wall)

@“Tife at Bulb” @allan608 No worries, thanks for confirming. Will they have the option of a SMETS2 from Bulb following their switch?

@matthew744 Not straight away but we are working on getting these available to our members very soon. Watch this space.

I have the same meter / remote device, switching soon ! I’ll post when I see what happens