SSE smart meter of no value?

Hello. I switched to Bulb 3 weeks ago but had an outstanding appointment for an SSE smart meter fitting which is due this week. Should I cancel and wait for a Bulb meter to become available?

@RichardT, having an SSE smart meter fitted would be pointless at this point as Bulb will not be able to automatically read it.

Best to hold off until the 2nd gen Bulb ones are available in 2018.

@RichardT, current first gen smart meters become regular meters when switching to another supplier. If the meter has been installed already, we’d expect to receive your new meter details and readings from SSE at some point soon. If the meter hasn’t been installed yet, SSE are likely to have cancelled that job. In either case, the smart meter would lose its smart function and we’d ask you to manually submit regular reads. As @mowcius pointed out correctly, we’ll be rolling out second gen smart meters next year - these will retain their smart function regardless of switching. In a nutshell, there’s really no point installing any more first gen smarts at this point

Many thanks @“Ralf at Bulb” and @mowcius