SSE SMET IHD replacement?

My old SSE Smart Meter which is a SMET1 can now be read by Bulb, and appears to working OK. The SSE IHD is mains/battery type small and hard to read from a relative short distance, the manufacturer is Elster?. Can Bulb supply a suitable replacement for this IHD, or am I stuck with it.

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Hi @clifford1169 - welcome to the Bulb community! :wave:

You mentioned that your In-Home Display is hard to read, but is it currently displaying any usage information?

As your smart meters are first generation (SMETS1) meters, unfortunately it may be that our In-Home Displays aren’t compatible. If your smart meters are now sending us meter readings automatically, then you should still be able to see usage in your account here:

Thanks for info, pity SMETS1 cannot work with Bulb IHD, regarding the useage option it does show the previous and current meter readings, but not the current daily usseage. The SSE IHD does however show the daily consumption update every 30 mins. But with a screen half the size of a modern cellphone screen very diff to read unless your holding it. I guess I am stuck with the SSE IHD.

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O know where you are coming from ant this is echoed throughout the bulb and smartthings customer forums. I get invalid GUID error and I never understood why, I ran out of people to ask in the end. Just never got my head around why a zigbee/wifi IHD/CAD displays up to date readings, couldn’t somehow show that data on smartthings app or send to the hub on the same wifi/zigbee networks as all the other devices. To integrate into routines…

Although I did learn that the flashy red dot on my meter actually represents energy usage so not as technically minded just pointed old smartphone camera and meter reading app at the flashy dot thing and I get readings. gave me chance to learn more about it so now my slightly above zero knowledge know a sensor to count rate of flashes and send that to a thing that puts it to some smart use in a kinda energy controly way.

Just out of curiosity which IHD came with SSE? I Was with boost energy which I think was the prepay part of OVO, installed a SMETS1 Liberty Secure 100 meter and old Chamelian IHD3-CAD CR/30201 installed in 2018

the IHD that SSE supplied statesl ELSTER 16K0352360 for electricity for gas it l states CM UK ZB DUAL, stamped on the IHD is the SSE logo. The IHD screen is about a third of the size of a Smart Phone, below there are 4 buttons for navigation, navigating is a real treat a throw back a couple of decades. There no on/off button, you plug it into the mains it charges the battery, which lasts about 4 days. Left by itself after about 10 mins it show the gas/elct symbol underneath that is the daily amount updated every 30 mins. Hope you can understand this.

Sounds like a retro game n watch. …

Is it like this?16232545278255567157887922785194

Yes it does, looks identical…

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I may not know all about all the smart things and answered but when it comes to looking at pictures I admit it, I knew i can’t deny it …I’m just good.