ST Device already enrolled

Got an IHD6. Data displayed on that but smatthings,wow that is just another story altogether. Do I have to use smartthings? It is terrible.

After losing many hours and having to reinstall in many times (on a samsung phone funnily enough) I am now in a position where it states ‘device is already enrolled’. There is no data. Presumably it is locked somewhere thinking it is enrolled to an account somewhere but it isn’t mine!

Can I use something sensible like OpenHAB or is the device going to just add to the clutter in the garage?

Hi @g7kse

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It looks like your email address is not linked to a Bulb account so I am only able to advise as I cannot see what meter you have e.g. SMETS1/SMETS2.

You must have a SMETS2 smart meter and a Chameleon IHD to pair the SmartThings app to your IHD to see detailed, real-time energy usage info on your smartphone.

Please note, Samsung have two SmartThings apps. The older SmartThings Classic app won’t work with Bulb, only the newer one will. So please make sure you are trying this one.

Also, the Samsung account has to be registered in the UK.

If that info doesn’t help with the pairing, we have detailed help articles here


Thanks Mel.

Unfortunately it looks like the device (SMETS2) is enrolled on my SmartThings account but doesn’t show up as described above. Its already taken a number of hours to get this far so I don’t think I’ll bother wasting any more time on it with SmartThings.

If the data was available in a JSON format then it might be usable but I suspect its all proprietary zigbee rather than open. So it will not be able to interrogate across 2.4Ghz. So if its SmartThings or SmartThings then I’ll leave it. Too much bother

Hi @g7kse

That is strange and you have a SMETS2 meter rather than SMETS1?

The only other thing I could suggest is getting in touch with Samsung directly.

I am unsure if it is available in this format so I have raised the question with another team and will update you.