Staggering Electricity Bill

I just moved to new property last month- 2 bed house a living room. But, today I got a monthly bill and shocked me - £684 /month. No gas in this property. I have a family of four -wife and 2 kids .
I heard usual electricity bill in this property around £100 /month.
Surprisingly, there was no change in night meter readings

What’s the reason of staggering electricity bill? What should I do now?

Any suggestions and advice would be highly appreciated.

Hey @barua Thanks for your post.

Sorry about the high bill there, we did your reads which we used but minimal usage was used on the night.

Your night hours should be running 00:30-7:30 - can I ask what appliances you have been using and have you been using your heaters to store usage in the day rather than at night? If you have heaters of course, what setting do you have this on?

This is a very large bill so we should not rule out any faults here too eg with the meter or appliances.

–Carl :bulb:

Hi, My night meter reading was 2391 on 1st of March & it remains same 2391 on 31st of March.
“0” unit usage of night meter , even though my refrigerator was on 24/7 as well as my radiator.

It should not be “0” atleast.

I am using usual appliance like Refrigerator, Washing machine, electric oven, kettle ,micro oven, laptop . I donot have TV or Dish washer