Standing charge reductions?


I was just wondering if there was anything in the pipeline for standing charges to be reduced as they are quite high compared to some of the other providers including the big 6? I know the energy is slightly cheaper but even with the cheaper energy the standing charges make it somewhat more expensive than other providers.


@dave2892, I know that previously Bulb have stated that their standing charges are a little higher to try to discourage those who use very little energy from being with them as they’re statistically less likely to pay bills on time, or at all.
I suspect they also want to keep away from being the best second home supplier as with a referral or two on those accounts, they’ll almost certainly lose money, even with the current standing charge of around £6/month.

They have however reduced the standing charge a few times in the past and have said that they’re likely to do so again in future when they can/when it makes sense to do so. As the company grows, it’ll probably become more and more likely.