Standing Charge

Hi Bulb,

Having been with you for just over a year, I must say I have found your service very easy to use, but obviously gutted about the recent increases in prices, which i know you say is across all suppliers.

Due to these increases, i have been forced to look elsewhere and found a company which has a cheaper unit price for gas and electric but the biggest difference is the standing charge which is 10p cheaper for both, therefore £20p cheaper a day. I would therefore be saving £73 a year just on the standing charge.

With the wholesale price increases, have bulb looked at lowering the standing charge to offset some of the increase in costs per KW?

Be nice if they did however we have to be realistic. Their costs are all factored in and I doubt if their balance sheet shows much % profit.
If their standing charge remains constant and then the cost of fuel rises (wholesale) their profit would drop unless of course they increase the kWh charges which they have done. If they now dropped the standing charge then their profit would drop down again.

In simple terms they will make x amount of profit per customer and the way to make more profit is to increase their customer base. Thats my view anyway. :slight_smile: