Standing charge

Hi there.
Not sure if this has been posted so will have another go.
Is the day charge of approx 20 pence for electric and 20 pence for gas
What I mean is
Is it 20pence per day or
Is 40 pence for duel fuel users

Hi @Sparrowlegs,

The standing charges as displayed on Bulb account and other pages are per-fuel. In my case I have an ‘Electricity Standing Charge: 20.44p per day’ AND a ‘Gas Standing Charge: 20.44p per day’ giving a total of 40.88p per day I pay even if I consume no electricity or gas (the standing charge covers the cost of the meter, pipework infrastructure etc etc: stuff you need in place even if you don’t use any fuel).

If I only had electricity, the standing charge would just be 20.44p per day.

Thanks for answer.
Just trying to work out my monthly electric/gas bill. We inherited a hot tub when we moved in on 18th jan. OUCH looks like it’s expensive to run