Standing Charges Very Unfair

:rage: Totally unhappy with the daily standing charges
I have both gas and electricity, the Gas is used for Central Heating System

Since past three months have turned off the gas and not using it as we don’t use the heating at all but I pay around £15-£17 standing charge for Gas every month.

I have totally turned it off in the main point but yet I am paying which is very unfair and theft.

I am not happy with Bulb and its smart meter at all.
Can anyone suggest if I should change my provider.

Is this with the analog meter or only with the smart meter?


Standing Charges are there to cover the infrastructure costs - the pipes or wires, your meter (regardless of type), and the utility plant that runs the gas or electric network.

You’ll find that all the major tariffs have them. But if you are a habitual extremely low user, there are a few tariffs offering near-zero standing charges at the expense of significantly higher unit rates.

However, are you sure you’re reading your bills correctly, as Bulb’s standing charges are around 20p/day for each fuel, so ought to work out to around £6 - £6.50 per month.


Hi @kamalgurung

What @stevefoster has said is absolutely right. All suppliers will charge something of a standing charge, as it is what’s used to upkeep the network and meter. It is therefore regardless of usage, and where other suppliers have low standing charges it must be compensated for with higher unit rates.

Our standing charges are only between £5-£7 monthly though, and shouldn’t be higher than that on statements. If there is an issue there, can you email about the issue?