Standing Charges

I love the whole Bulb idea of paying for what you use at a fair price. Your tariffs are decent but your standing charges are on the high side. I want to move myself and my dad over but after two price increases this year you really are losing your advantage. Just a thought, maybe your MD and senior execs should start using the excellent public transport instead of their expensive Mercs and BMW’s to reduce the standing charge :slight_smile:


Personally when I switched to Bulb a couple of months ago I found the lower unit cost charged by Bulb more than counterbalanced their higher standing charge. I used a number of comparison sites to check out whether to switch from my then suppliers and Bulb came out top. This may possibly not be the case with the price increase but they are still very competitive, in fact I did a comparison earlier today and it just wasn’t worth switching suppliers from Bulb (not that I was thinking of switching). As an existing customer the second price increase doesn’t take affect until 60 days after the price was increased for new customers switching to Bulb. In the meantime
other energy suppliers are increasing their prices.

Also if existing customers are unhappy with the price increase they can always leave Bulb with no exit fee.

Hi @gerrardmcf t’s certainly a valid concern, one of the issues with being a smaller supplier is having to charge a standing charge that’s a little bit higher. Most of that standing charge comes from paying the distributors for an area (UK Power Networks and so on) to transport our energy and maintain the networks, and it’s one of those things where the whole ‘economy of scale concept’ is certainly at play. As we grow, hopefully we’ll be able to knock those standing charges down a little. Oh, and while I don’t actually know what our founders are driving, they seem like the kind of chaps who’d use public transport rather than BMWs, for the carbon savings if nothing else (and I’m not just saying that 'cos they’re in charge, I promise!).

As @Allanr says, we do our best to stay competitive, but unfortunately fuel prices are going up a lot at the moment, which is why so many suppliers are raising their prices. We’re really hoping that we’ll be able to knock them down again soon, either if the wholesale prices start dropping or if we can get some really effective efficiency improvements up and running in the office.

Thank you AllanR and David for your responses. I’ve already decided to move myself and my dad over to Bulb. There are many cheaper suppliers out there but I am fed up with all these smoke and mirrors, fixed price options where I always end up in debt. Thank you Scottish Power and your so called smart meters! Give me a decent price and let me take control. Just worried I’m joining a cult. Your followers always jump to your defence. Unheard of :slight_smile:

@gerrardmcf Haha, we are not a cult, hopefully people just think we are quite good :slight_smile:

Just worried I'm joining a cult. Your followers always jump to your defence. Unheard of :-)
:) Yes it can seem like that, I was with Scottish power at one point and the difference is like night and day. Yes Bulb have some niggles and the odd glitch but they do get any customer issues sorted and are willing to talk and discuss with their customers.