Standing Order rather than Direct Debit?

Is it possible to cancel a DD with Bulb and replace it with a standing order? Can Bulb cut off the supply or take any other action against a customer? With a standing order, you pay every month based on what you calculate you have used, thus avoiding Bulb’s ‘guestimates’, which are invariably too high.

Contact Bulb and ask them to put you on a variable direct debit. You’ll then only pay what you’re billed for. The DD is taken 14 days after the bill. You must submit meter readings a couple of days before your billing date or Bulb will use estimates.

I don’t think a SO will work as you’ll be forever amending it.

Also, you mention you’ll only pay what you’ve calculated you’ve used. You need to pay the billed amount, not what you think it should be. If you send in monthly meter readings just before the billing date, you’ll always get accurate bills.


Thank you for posting, Yes we can set this up for you where you either pay on statement with your standing order or perhaps keep the direct debit on the account and we can amend your payments to a Variable Direct Debit.

So Instead of paying a fixed amount on your direct debit each month, your direct debit amount would just adjust to what your bill comes to for the month. As @Anton59 correctly mentions you must submit a meter reading a couple of days before your statement is due ( unless you have a working smart meter) and must be paid within 14 days after the bill.

Please let me know if you wish to set your account up for a variable direct debit so we can adjust this on your account.

–Suki :hibiscus:

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yes, I would like to have the variable DD set up. If I send a meter reading 2 days before the statement, how will the amount be calculated? Will you compare the reading with the recent readings or will it continue to be estimated until the next month (or later?) I have sent several readings over recent months but these appear to have been ignored.
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Anton59, many thanks for this reply. I am still cautious as to how Bulb calculates the amount used. You need at least two readings to calulate the difference and my recent readings seem not to have been used (though acknowledged.)

Simply, they take the previous reading from the current one and charge you accordingly.

As for them not using your readings, that’s a different matter all together, sorry to say.

Yes, that is the point though, that they have several recent readings which they don’t seem to use. I will try the variable DD anyway as my energy use is relatively low. Thanks again.

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Hi Suki,
Please can I go to a variable direct debit, how can I do this?
Thank you.

Yes, I would also like to set up a standing order or possibly a variable direct debit. How do I do this? Is it possible to get in touch with a particular individual such as Suki who has offered to help?

Dear Suki, can you have a look at my account please? I was advised that my account had been changed over to payment on receipt or as it is also called variable direct debit so I can pay for what I have used, however, this does not appear to have been done. I have taken meter readings regularly and have just done that again but now have received an email stating that a direct debit amount will be taken in 3 days in advance of my statement being issued. My account is also in credit by £240. What is going on here?