Standing order

How do I know when to stop my standing order to my old suppluet

@Davidharvey23 I would recommend speaking to your old supplier about that. They would rather you keep it open so that they can make a final refund/payment depending on the state of your account with them.

If I can chip in on the discussion and support the advice from Owen at Bulb. From my very recent experience with British Gas my previous gas supplier, I knew I was in credit at my switchover to Bulb and cancelled my direct debit. I was a bit too quick off the mark which means British Gas now have to send me a cheque for the money they owe me rather than direct to my bank account. I wont be making the same mistake with my previous electricity supplier, I will wait until they refund me my overpayment and then cancel my direct debit to them.

We agree with @Allanr , it generally makes things a little easier to leave it open just so that the refund / final payment can happen automatically.

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