Starting estimate for Gas Wrong

Switched to bulb June 2018. Entered the correct Gas Reading. My old supplier disputed this reading from bulb. Have entered a few readings on request and took photos as required. Anyway it seems that bulb estimated 400 units lower than my actual reading at the beginning and this is why my old supplier disputed. My old supplier has now agreed the correct reading that I gave. Bulb have now updated my readings to the correct sort of figures but have charged me for the difference between estimate and actual. I have used 500 gas units this month, are you joking bulb ???
Looking back at this my estimate at the beginning was 400 lower than the actual reading, this needs to be amended now! In four months I’ve used about 130 units that’s it,

Please sort this soon or I will be seeking legal advice,

Thank you


Have you contacted the Bulb team direct via: ?

This is a public open forum which none of us other customers can provide any definitive solution to your problem.

Purely for clarity, you said, you supplied your meter reading to Bulb when you switched to them and which they then supplied to your old supplier (this would have to go through a third party validation process)> You also said Bulb estimated a lower reading at the beginning. So when you had your first statement from Bulb in July 2018 was the opening reading the one you gave Bulb?

No it was 400 units lower as an estimate. Therefore the old supplier would not accept this and rightly so. Now the readings are in line with what are the actual readings.And just jumped usage from estimate to the new readings, 500 units in a month.

Basically the estimate was never right at the start and now they accept my readings but haven’t changed the initial one.


Only the Bulb team have the necessary information to resolve your problem.

As mentioned in my earlier response, have you contacted the Bulb team direct via: ?

Hi there @Raymacmk1 as @Allanr says the best way to sort this out would be to get in touch with us directly, we can get that opening reading corrected we’ll just need to get a photo of your gas meter to along with a brief explanation and we’ll be able to get things sorted out for you