Statement and smart meter issues

Hi there,
i seem to be having issues with my statements and smart meter readings not matching up.
my statements on my account of my daily usage for both gas and electricity are not matching what my ihd is telling me. the account statements are higher than my ihd is showing me.

for example yesterday (25th april) my ihd said at 23:40pm i had used £1.30 in electric and £0.50 gas, but my online statement this morning shows my usage for the same day as £2.05 electricity and £1.11 gas.
the results my ihd displays also include the standing charge, as this is added shortly after midnight.

so can anyone please explain this big disparity?

Hey @Grimble Welcome to the community :wave:

If the IHD is showing difference to bills there could be a few reasons.

  1. The IHD dates do not match up with bill dates.
  2. The IHD is having a connection issue which would require a reboot
  3. The IHD is still being upgraded so there will be a discrepancy on what it shows, your app also can show daily usage. Your statements are the true reflection of usage.

The first thing is to try the 48 hour reboot in your Bulb account, have you attempted this? If you need the link to do this, just let us know.

– Carl; :bulb:


Sorry i said statements, when i actually meant the energy usage section of the website.
everything else i stated was correct, as in my ihd usage not matching with the energy usage tab.
is there something wrong with this part of the website? as for days on end it will show exactly the same usage, when i know there has been varying usage.

also i have rebooted the ihd, but not the account yet

Hi @Grimble

Thank you for posting, may I ask if you have checked your in home display to see whether the updated tariffs are included?

The In home display does not show VAT and runs monthly where your bulb account usage runs on a set billing period . For example the in home display will follow the calendar months 1st-31st and the energy usage will run between your actual billing dates which is 6th - 5th of each month.

–Suki :hibiscus:

Hi suki,

it seems that the ihd is showing older tariffs.
18.89p per kwh and 23.5p standing charge for electricity.
3.3p kwh and 25.68p standing charge for gas.
How do i change or update this on the ihd?

also you mention the ihd running monthly, i dont understand what you are saying. i am looking at the daily usage for gas and electric on my ihd. it is set to show daily, not weekly or monthly.
and even if the prices on the energy usage monitor include the new tariffs and vat, there is something wrong.
if you check on my account the gas usage for the last few weeks, it does not make sense.
for example :
on the 14th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 20th, 21st, 23rd, 24th, 25th,27th, 29th and 30th of april
it says our usage was £1.11 per day
but on the 15th, 19th, 22nd,26th and 28th of april it says our usage was £0.27p

how can this be correct?
for over a month now we have only had our hot water on (no central heating at all). it is timed to come on for 2hrs in the morning and 2hrs in the evening. yet the energy usage page is showing that some days we use no gas at all??

this is all very confusing to me , could you please clarify how we can fix this?
please note, when i mention the energy usage page i am talking about the energy usage website page linked to my online account

hi there,

is anyone going to assist me with my issue please?

had no reply in over 10days…

hi there,

still awaiting a reply from anyone at bulb to help me with this.
i have reset the IHD 3-4 times, i have done the account reset/renew from another post on the forums, but still no better.
my IHD is still showing old tariffs and the energy usage page on my bulb account is still completely wrong…

so any help would be appreciated

thank you

Hi @Grimble :wave:

I’m sorry for the delay in getting a response out to you. I have sent you an email directly requesting a bit more information so I can take a further look into this and escalate this to our smart team to ensure this can get resolved for you.

If you have any questions please respond directly to the email thread.

Luke :bulb: