Statement before payment

this is the 2nd. time that I have complained about you suggesting that I should increase my payments, this time it is to give me a ‘buffer’ for the winter months, this is yet again solely because you send me a statement before you take my payment, after the 1st time you promised to ensure that the payment date is before the statement date, of course this has not happened
This will only happen once more because I will move my account to some other company

Clichéd threat is clichéd

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I wish that I was as smart as you then perhaps I would understand what you were getting at, my comments were for Bulb and I would suggest that if you do not have anything constructive to say then keep your nose out

If your comments are for bulb, then “keep your nose out” of the community forum and try to contact bulb on one of there direct helplines such as there “contact us” page here, emailing them at or by calling them at 0300 30 30 635.

Furthermore, if I’m understanding what your saying, you are wrong. Try having a read of Bulbs help article here. It explains how bulb takes a months payment in advance. Bulb is merely suggesting that you increase your payments, so when winter comes, you still have enough credit in your account so you can cover your next bill. for example, my account looks like this -

If you don’t like this, you’re going to have to switch.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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I think you are making a molehill out of a mountain, it is only a suggestion it is NOT mandatory, if you think your credit is sufficent then ignore it. My D/D is lifted on the 25th and my statement comes out on the 1st, about 4 days before the D/D shows on my account.
If you are going to move to another company then do so, no point threatening on the forum, you will get unhelpfull and sarcastic remarks.(usually from me)


It is YOU that is wrong, my comments were about the timing of the statement and the DD
As for me putting it on the community , because I went down the ‘correct’ route in the past and nothing happened I posted where I did so that other bulb customers could see it
On a personal note how dare you try to tell me what I should or should not do, I am savvy enough to see that Bulb are trying to increase the money in their coffers whilst depleting the money in mine

I do beg your foregiveness exalted one, I hang my head in shame.
Wish I was as wise as you purport to be.
As for other customers seeing it they have seen the same post many times in different guises.
Yo’all have a nice day,

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go forth and multiply my child

I am not your child, at least I have someone to go forth and multiply with.
You on the other hand it would appear that you will have to multiply yourself, good luck with that. good bye, sir

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Hi @lee.roy43, thanks for posting on Bulb community.

At Bulb, we do things a little differently than other suppliers, in the fact that we take payments in advance, and bill our members for their usage at the end of the month. We do this because we buy our energy in advance as well, which keeps it cheaper for us and consequently our members also. This means that you will make your payment at the start of the month, the payment will sit in your account for the whole month until we send you your bill. This is the same for every member at Bulb, as it is central to how we operate.

Any questions, please let me know. - Sam

Absolutely correct, yes. Bulb take payment in advance, i.e., the payment date is immediately after your statement date, which has the effect of maintaining at least one month of credit in your account at all times. This was explained to you in the information you were given but didn’t read at the point of agreeing your switch. it’s nothing to do with being “savvy”. Bulb are open and upfront about taking payment in advance.


Well, I see it hasn’t changed much in the 3 months since I last visited. I’ll be on my way …


After your recent message to me I have decided that I am not happy with your accounting methods so I have just started the switch to another company it should be completed by 30/8/20 I am going to cancel my DD because my account is well in credit to cover my final bill and I am sure that you will refund any excess quickly

nice to see you still have your finger on the pulse,thought you had obandoned us for good


You definitely will be missed :frowning:


You on the other hand it would appear that you will have to multiply yourself, good luck with that. good bye, sir

Thanks for the laugh!


Well, I see it hasn’t changed much in the 3 months since I last visited. I’ll be on my way …

I wish you would stay, when your here, your responses are always useful and prompt, though i can see why you don’t want to spend your time here! Hope you’re ok though!

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Thats stupid, you’re gonna have a BAD TIME if you cancel your direct debit, as its how bulb refund your account credit.

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A few £s is neither here or there to me I used Bulb thinking that a small company deserved a chance against the big 6 but I did not know that it was going to be amateur night. my DD is to pay them they still know my bank account details to refund me,

it is a euphemism for something rude

I know what it means.
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