Statement correction, now massively in credit

Checked my statements after submitting this months meter readings, and I now have multiple statement corrections from several months in 2021, and now my account is over £1000 in credit.

Is this a real adjustment, or is this some automated fault?

There’ll be a big debit adjustment along shortly, which may or may not almost nullify the large credit.

It’s ridiculous they’re not put through at the same time. Last excuse given was there’s a delay because they’re large amounts and have to be checked or authorized. No explanation as to why Bulb can’t authorize both at the same time, thereby preventing the tons of queries they must get in between the two transactions.

Customers are never told exactly why these transactions happen or given any warning. At best they’re told (after having to ask), that extra information was suddenly available from the meter. I’ve no idea what that means.

Same thing happened to me this January. £550 in credit after 12 “statement corrections” for the previous 12 months. I was itching to get it refunded to my bank account…

…2 weeks later a second statement saying debit to my account of £550. Balance now £0.00.

Thats what it looks like might happen. I didn’t give a reading start of July, and my August reading was just under the estimate from July. That must have confused the system because it’s done 12 months of statement corrections. Which is what concerned me because I’ve done manual readings every other month or so.

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Yeah, looking closer at it, it’s looks like they’ve credited me for every month’s usage in the last year, one correction matching each month’s usage. Hopefully it just resolves itself by next month. I’ve given readings every other month or so, so I know I’ve been paying for what I’ve used.

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Same thing here. 3 months reversed bills and I’m now £530 in credit and the promised (several times) consolidated statement still hasn’t been issued. They tried to increase my DD again based on wildly inaccurate data but I refused and have changed to a variable DD.

same here. £1600 in credit out of nowhere, on account now for over two weeks, repeatedly asked for some to be refunded only to be told the bill is being finalised and they ;can’t complete the refund yet’

It’s really bad practice to put customers massively in credit or debit by posting half a correction followed by any sort of time gap, never mind weeks.

I don’t believe it would require a massive systems overhaul or huge changes in working practices to sort this.

Unfortunately more emphasis is now placed on creating emails with fancy graphics than doing the basics properly.


I also have 16 statement corrections going back to the start of my account with bulb in 2019!! I’m over £2k in credit and no statement came for July. Hoping it fixes itself. I’ve cancelled my direct debit as I’m only using half what they’re predicting.
Glad I’m not the only one!

One way of ensuring your bills reflect your usage is to provide readings 2/3 days before the date of your bill, unless you have a smart meter AND you know it’s sending correct readings. You need to do this each month.

Let’s hope Octopus can do a better job if and when the take over. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Hi @cdmckeever and welcome to Community :tada:

I can see that we’ve tried to enrol your smart meter onto the DCC network so that we can start taking smart readings, which unfortunately has not been successful yet.

This process has caused several statement corrections to be applied. Our ops team are looking into this, so you will receive an update when the process has been completed.

If you have any more queries in the meantime, please feel free to let us know.

All the best,
Lewis :alien: