Statement Correction on account

Hi there,

I’m slightly confused by the statement correction in my Bulb account.

I had previously been overpaying as I hadn’t submitted any electricity meter readings (totally my fault, I get that). Once I submitted my electricity meter readings my account was credited £409.97, as my monthly estimated electricity usage was significantly higher than the actual usage.

However, after submitting my gas meter reading today there is a ‘Statement Correction’ on my account showing the exact £409.97 figure being taken out of my account.

Could anyone shed light as to why this has happened?

I did phone Bulb and was told it was just the payments sorting themselves out but I’m now interested as to how they are sorting themselves out.



Hi @David4 :wave:

Sorry to hear about the corrected statements we’ve sent through, having had a look at your account, I can understand the confusion.

So the corrections were due to the electricity reading that was added recently. As you mentioned, it was below the estimated reading that we had for the middle of last year, so when we received this latest reading, we removed all of the overestimated readings between now and the middle of 2021. Once we did that, the system has calculated a revised bill from that date onwards, to give a corrected account balance.

This should have come through to you now, and you should notice that the account balance looks more appropriate than it did before. Sorry again for the way this was handled, we should have given a better explanation as to why the corrections were taking place. Please do let me know if the new bill doesn’t look quite right, so that I can investigate for you.

-Luke :bulb: