Statement Correction!


My monthly bills for gas+electric has been around £180 a month this winter.

I have been paying roughly £100 via direct debit each month and then topping up £100 as well each month.

I recently logged into my account and it says ‘Statement Correction’ at the top of my account and that I am now £1200 in credit!

Anyone ever had this before, is it real?

I am on a smart meter so I had expected it to be pretty accurate day to day regarding my usage.

I assume that your smart meter is actually providing readings? You must compare your meter readings with those on your statements to see what is going on.

Thanks, I’m not really sure how to compare my smart meter readings to my bills/statements.

I am billed from the 12th of a month to the 12th of the next.

Looking at the smart meter I think it shows me readings in block months from the 1st to 31st.

OK, let’s hope someone from Bulb will pick up this thread and explain why you are £1200 in credit!

I have a similar issue. All my bills for the last year have been refunded . I am now £2000 in credit. There were some bills from 2020 refunded and new bills issued but nothing foe 2021.

Let me know if you hear anything from Bulb!

Hi, i rang them and they are finalising a new consolidated bill and it is awaiting checking and approval. They said the refunds were due to them spotting an error and so they had to refund everything. Apparently i will get a new bill in a couple of weeks but will still have credit on my account.
So if i was you I would leave the money where it is and wait to see what happens. Good luck

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Hey @bengaten thanks for asking about your account and we apologise you had those corrections, we appreciate it looked quite confusing, It seems our operations team were concerned about some of metering information so this was reviewed to ensure your bill were actually correct, the credit was basically your bills being readded back to the account as they were under an investigation to check if they were correct. We have now produced a consolidated statement for you.

When we receive new information about your usage, such as meter readings or an updated move-in date, we recalculate past bills based on your actual usage. When this happens, we may make a bill that covers more than one month.

Most of the charges on the consolidated bill won’t be new, and any previous bills included with this one will have been credited back to your Bulb account.

@valross1973 Our operations team have also reviewed your account and are checking the historical information is correct with your smart meter. The team will ensure this is all sorted and we would expect your correct statement to be sent within the next week or so.

–Carl :bulb: