Statement correction

Over the last twelve months we have had a number of statement corrections. We do not have a smart meter. Our usage seems excessive compared to other people we know. After months of religiously sending in readings we have managed to get our direct debits down to just over £200 which seems a lot for a 5 bedroom house. Please can anyone advise what the corrections are for?

More information required. If you compare the original statement with the corrected one, what has changed? Are all the statements based on correct meter readings that you have supplied?

The statement corrections often happen due to the timing of the manual readings. If you don’t submit them within a few days before the statement date, and the meter readings being accepted, then more statement corrections can occur. To minimise the chance of the statement corrections I now submit the meter readings on the 1st of the month, and get the statement on the 3rd.

Would you have more information about when you are submitting the meter readings and getting the statements?

Hi @Inbox,

I’m sorry for this confusing experience.

It looks like what happened was we received a reading in June that showed you used considerably less gas then our estimates, as this was the first reading we had in 6 months.

So, our system had to update the account and recalculate your bills and credit you back into the account for the over-estimation.

It looks like our system did this twice to make sure it got it right. The first time we credit you back some credit and then we reversioned one more time. The ‘statement correction’ is the amount of credit we gave you back first time that we took away again.

This is so it puts the account back where it was before, then we credited you back with the correct amount.