Statement Corrections

I have just discovered that my account is showing 7 “statement correction” entries for the past seven months which have effectively cancelled the bills for those months … have others got the same? I have a smart meter and have checked that the meter readings used in each of those months were correct on my bill … so why are “statement corrections” needed? Is it, I wonder, associated with my being on the EV tariff? Or maybe it is because a manual meter reading has been taken and logged incorrectly - it would not be the first time that has happened to me! Anyone with any ideas … Bulb’s help response was no more than a bland statement that they were working on my account and i would be told the result in due course - but no explanation of why any correction is required.

I had same on mine but was over almost 2 years of statements. Bulb said had wrong or missing figures from the smart meter (strange it took them 2 years to notice). They refunded to my account or “adjusted” all my payments from those months, then did one huge bill from before the smart meter was put in. No breakdowns for each month, just one lump sum, then told me my usage was almost 1 and 1/2 times the average user and that I was now almost 1300 in debt and I should just hand over the money thank you very much. I’m sure anyone that had usage like that would either know it or take steps to reduce it, but we never had chance to do that as didn’t get the monthly bills. After taking it to ombudsman, they took 2600 off our bills for that 2 year period. They had tried to increase our bills over that period and they are not allowed to charge for unbilled usage for periods over 12 months ago, which they just ignored and did anyway.
They’re still at it with our bills, sending us high estimated bills when we have the smart meter, last month when I went onto chat to complain, within seconds I received another bill with the smart meter readings, almost £100 less than the estimate they sent us.
Didn’t stop them doing it again today for this month, again, almost £100 over.
Total chancing cnuts they are, if I could change I would be off in a heartbeat.

Hey, they have been adding statement corrections to my account for the past 2 months. I have contacted them multiple times and received conflicting responses and sometimes outrageous responses. Last month the statement corrections added up to over £1400. The bill was then over £1400, when emailed they were less than helpful. They have said it was due to updated readings from the new smart meter (previous meter hadn’t been sending readings since it was installed, only took 2 year to be replaced). I had been submitting manual readings during this time so no idea why they keep adding statement corrections. Have been assured that there shouldn’t be more corrections next month, won’t hold my breath.