Statement doesn’t match IHD

Has anybody else had an issue where the Final figure (£) in the monthly Statement doesn’t match the figures in the IHD?

I just had a bill for £157 yet the IHD shows weekly figures of £25.16, £27.72, £26.16 and £25.50. A total of £104.54. Thats a significant difference!

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I’m assuming that you have

  1. Dual fuel
    2.Both smart meters are communicating with the IHD
  2. The IHD it provides a cumulative figure for gas and electricity along with time period for the figure.

If not then here are some possible reasons / questions to account for the “discrepancy”

  1. Does your IHD details the time period for the amount?

Only I have dual fuel but only my gas is communicating with the IHD. Thus I can see a monetary figure for gas but it doesn’t indicate the time period and it also doesn’t provide details for the electricity usage or cost.

  1. What period of time is your Statement for?

For example I haven’t had statement since July, so my December statement covered the period from July to December, which is for gas is different to the “this period” figure.

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Your IHD:

  • May or may not be including the standing charge.
  • May or may not be including VAT.

Your statement:

  • May or may not be based on actual readings from the smart meters.
  • May or may not have a billing period exactly aligned to weeks/months as displayed by the IHD.

Look carefully at your statement. Do the reading values say “estimated”? Bulb are having a lot of trouble billing via smart readings, even when those readings are correctly propagating from the meters, through the DCC, and are available to Bulb.

The readings are “real” and standing charge and VAT in the statement amount to just under £20 so there is still a significant discrepancy

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What about the duration of the statement? What’s the time between start and end readings? Does it exactly match what you’re comparing on the IHD?

Not exactly but its only a couple of days difference, also consider that the IHD does include the standing charge (I’m not sure about the VAT).

Further investigation shows that the. monthly reading on the IHD is also different to both the statement and the weekly readings, additionally daily readings bear no relation to either the weekly or monthly.

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No idea then, sorry.

Does the IHD have the correct prices programmed?

It’s occurred to me that you’re probably just adding things up in a way that will never work.

Last week isn’t the sum of the last 7 days. It’s the sum of the last calendar week, which ended anything up to 6 days ago.

Last month isn’t the sum of the last 4 weeks. It’s the last calendar month. This means that no sum of any collection of last weeks will ever equal last month unless both the first and last day of last month also exactly coincided with the beginning and end of a week.

The statement you receive also could only ever match exactly what the IHD says if the opening and closing readings on the statement exactly coincide with the first and last day of a month, which they will almost never do.

From your figures there’s still about 2 weeks of usage “missing” compared with your statement. It’s impossible to say how closely this should match any sum of totals displayed on the IHD without knowing the dates of the opening and closing readings.

I appreciate they aren’t running exactly the same dates and I’m not sure why you think my statement has an additional 2 weeks usage?

The IHD weekly figures commence on the 25th compared to the statement which runs from 24/11 - 23/12. I also appreciate that this is only 28days compared to 30 on the statement but isn’t it a stretch of the imagination to suggest that in the missing 2 days of info on the IHD I used an additional 50% of my monthly usage?

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Your statement was £157. You listed £104.54 as 4 weeks of usage.

The difference is £52.56, or 2 weeks of your typical usage according to the IHD.

Still no idea then, sorry.

Possibly the “waiting for data” issue hasn’t been fixed but only hidden? I’d guess your IHD has some missing usage data from times that it silently lost connection. That’s helpful.

@ChameleonTechnology Can you shed any light on this?

I’ve not heard about the waiting for data issue, I always assumed it was just waiting for the calorific values before it gave you the final figure?

There’s lots of issues getting the IHDs to connect at all, and stay connected once working. You’re lucky yours is doing anything at all! Take a look over the forum and the Bulb blog, lots of posts on IHD issues.

In the absence of any response from bulb I’ve been doing some more investigation. I’ve been taking daily totals and weekly totals from the IHD results as follows:

Date IHD weekly total Sum of Daily totals
30/12. £30.01 £25.81
06/01 £24.24 £20.79

I’m unable to read my electric meter either as the screen never comes active so I have absolutely no confidence in the IHD, bill or meter readings.

Has anybody else compared the totals on the IHD?