Statement download availability

How long after a statement is available online will it be available for downloading and printing? My Nov statement is there for me to see, but not for downloading, though previous months are.

Could you clarify what you mean by “see” and “download”? When it comes to viewing a PDF, opening it in the browser and downloading it are pretty much the same thing. What exactly is it that you can see but not download?

I can see & read the £amount for ‘payment in’ and ‘balance’ dated 26 November 2019, but under previous month’s figures is stated, in green type, ‘Download statement’, but this doesn’t appear under November’s figures, so I cannot see my statement in a PDF and therefore cannot print off my statement for November 2019.

Jo Puttick

If you don’t have a line saying “Energy used” with the “Download statement” link underneath, then you don’t have a statement for November. If it’s past your normal statement date, then contact Bulb to query the missing statement.

O.K. - thanks for your helpful guidance and I’ll follow your advice. Jo