Statement not produced

Hi I submitted a reading on 10/04 and again 03/05 no statement since 24/03
Are you behind due to covid ? I know you working from home etc thanks

Same here. I’ve had no bill since February i.e. no charges for energy from the 1st of March to date. I have had two telephone conversations, the last promising to look into it and email me an update. I have also noticed that my monthly payments are taken at irregular intervals, none in February, two in March (possibly a late Feb?) and one late April(29th) and another on 5th May. It is as if some sort of system software update(s) has been applied that has had some unwanted knock-on effects, but I will give them another couple of weeks to sort out before raising a formal complaint.

We’ll surely thats breaking the direct debit guarantee ?
I would not allow 2 pmnts to come out that close thy normally e mail me 2 days before and say when thy are calling for it . Hope u get it sorted I think thy all working from home n not access to full systems

Hi, yes I agree , however from a purely financial point of view, up
until this month(May), I am due to make four payments for Feb,March,April and May and they have in fact taken four payments, although not when I expected according to our agreement as you say. My real concern is that they have failed to bill me properly in addition to the irregular DDs, which does make me uneasy about how the business is coping, especially when you see a number of comments on this forum about unusual charging/billing activity. Anyway let’s see how quickly they sort out the problem which is always the measure of a well managed business.

Fingers crossed clearly no one from bulb is monitoring this community you must be loads in credit

Yip, well in credit, but then again not really! I will update if anything changes. Good luck sorting your similar issue.

Hi @casinoang,

I’m very sorry about this. I have now emailed because I have fixed this issue and you will get a statement within 24 hours.

Ok I’ll check on the app

Hi, as stated above I have had a similar experience to casinoang. I had an online chat with (Joseph H) on on May 5th and he said he would email me once he had investigated why I hadn’t been billed since 1st of March. I am still waiting on a response can you help.

Hi @mclz3j

Sorry to hear this. I’m just looking at your account now and you should have a bill with you by the end of the day.

Just to let u know my statement online first thing today hope u get sorted

Thanks for the update, mine also sorted today, hope the service is back to normal for future billing for us both!

Many thanks, bill updated as you promised.

@casinoang & @mclz3j Thanks both for confirming you’ve seen the updated statements in your accounts :+1:

We like to keep our payments and usage statements simple and it sounds like you’ve had a slightly confusing experience. Hopefully your billing cycles are clear from now on, but if you have any future queries please do let us know :slightly_smiling_face:

I have had a similar problem with no statement since February. On 1 May I was told I would receive a statement within 24 hours but have not received one yet. I have chased this up twice but received no response whatsoever.

Hi @natc,

I’m very sorry about this. I’ve sent you an email so I can make sure you receive your statement.

Thank you for resolving this

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@Natc - No problem at all, I’m glad this has been resolved :slight_smile:

I have similar issues, every month there’s an issue with my bill. I told them yesterday that I hadn’t recieved my bill, they then proceeded to only bill me for half the month! Honestly I give up, I suppose itl all catch up eventually.

Hi @pearce.illana23 and welcome to our Community :earth_asia:,

I’m very sorry to hear about the issues you’ve had with your bills. I’ve sent you an email so we can look at getting this sorted.