Statement Number 18352288

I have received the above satetment and my gas bill is higher than my electricity bill. I was on holiday for 10 days in July, plus, the only time I used any gas was to heat the water for showers & baths. Also, due to the hot weather, we have had electric fans on all through the night, so I am very surprised that my gas bill is higher than my electricity bill.
If my combined bill is £134 in the height of summer, my total bill for 12 months will be > £1500

This isn’t a Bulb customer service desk. Including information like statement numbers doesn’t help, we’re just other customers here.

You haven’t asked a question. Are you looking for advice on why the bill might be high?

  • What steps have you tried so far to investigate the problem?
  • Are the meter readings correct?
  • What is the duration between the most recent actual gas reading and the previous actual reading? Just because this is a "monthly" bill, it doesn't prevent usage spanning a longer time period if all the previous readings have been estimated. Is this a catch-up bill?
  • Perhaps you have a slow gas leak somewhere.
  • Perhaps the meter is faulty.

You’ve included irrelevant information like the statement number, but left out important information such as dates of readings and whether those readings were actual or estimated. I’m not entirely sure what replies you’re looking for.