Statement payment overlap

I’m finding that my statement is issued the same day as I make my payment, this results in a massive debit on my account. I changed my payment date to try and avoid this and you just moved my statement date. I would rather be able to log in on the day the statement is issued and make the small top-up payment the account will need but now I’ll have to try and remember to do that in a couple of days when your payments system catches up.

Why is this happening?


Your payment will always come out after the bill is generated. This is because we take payment in advance.

So we take one payment at the beginning of the month which enters your Bulb account as credit.

At the end of the month we send you a statement based on meter readings summarising your consumption and the cost of your energy usage.

If you use less energy than the monthly payment your account will be in credit. If you use more energy than the monthly payment your account will go into debit.

If we were to send the statement after the payment was made, we would be including your payment for your next month’s usage.