Statement, where is it?


I have phoned, couldn’t get through, emailed a few times, PMd on Facebook and now trying this as a last resort.

Can I please get my December statement as I cannot budget for Xmas until I do get this, a response would be great please.



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I’m the same, my last statement was July! Bulb please provide me with a statement too



You should be able to actually phone or use the live chat system on the help page. All of the channels you’ve described so far are the indirect support channels that are rarely monitored.

This is a public forum

Last time I phoned the wait time was 20mins+ and live chat was sometime in the future seem to me they would be better to stop chasing new customers and sort out the accounts of the ones they already have before they lose them

I finally got through. It’s a bill failure and they will email me with updates.

Thanks folks

I have been waiting for mine also. Last time they did this they messed up the following 2 Bill’s. I rang on Monday and they said there was a billing failure which would be sorted by the end of the day. Today I spoke to someone called Jack who sounded like he couldn’t be arsed at all to take my call. He said I’d receive an email today about it… no one could actually tell me what the problem was.

Exact same here. Hopefully be sorted in a couple of days

Apparently its due to an internal system update that has been postponed until next week (still doesn’t make any sense)
Told them i won’t be happy if they mess it up because they are behind now.

If it were me and I hadn’t got a statement for a couple of months I would reduce my direct debit online to £5 until such time they got it sorted. But putting the difference away each month for when the bill gets updated.
No way would I pay monies for something when they cant tell how much I am using, I will add I have had no issues in the 2 years I have been with them.

Glad you got this sorted but for future this is a community forum so even though staff do occasionally reply it’s definitely not the best way to get hold of bulb.

I have had the best success via live chat even when they are not online you can type all your messages and then when they do come online they reply.

I’m also waiting for my my December 1st bill. I had to contact in November when I got one on the 7th and then previously it was July when it arrived on the 12th. It is bizarre that this year 3 bills out of 12 months have failed to materialise. Yet my mother , sister and niece who are also with bulb have had no issues whatsover. Not had any problems contacting via messaging as got replies to all etc but still no bill and no explanation has been given as to why. I was bizarrely asked if I’d had a new meter this year but the answer to that was no. I seem to be waiting for the manager’s manager to fix it