Statements and monthly payment

Since joining bulb earlier this year and being on a smart meter, I’ve had several statements with wildly incorrect estimated gas usage for the year (around £5500!) and advice via the app to increase my monthly payments to £600+ but my monthly actual usage has been less than £90.
I’ve spent hours chatting online and sent and rcvd dozens of emails with the promise it will be sorted, but it’s not been resolved.
Has anyone out there found anyway of solving this? It’s been driving me crazy and I now think the only resolution is to change supplier.

Submit actual meter readings yourself, which will correct your balance at least. You should still be able to submit readings via your account or the app, despite having smart meters. Just make sure you do so at the correct time - i.e. a couple of days before your billing date.

Thanks for this Norman7115.
However….the smart meter isn’t the problem…. Bulb have all the correct usage info, they just seem incapable of applying it to the annual estimated usage or the payment requests.
Thanks anyway

Sorry, I misread your post, thinking your bills were incorrect. As you said, if it’s just annual usage estimates which are wrong, then Bulb should be able to sort it.

If you’re new to the property, their estimates will be partly based on the prior householder’s annual usage. Either way, it should be fixable.

This is mostly a customer forum, but hopefully someone from Bulb will see your post on Monday.

Hi @David57 and @norman7115 :wave:

I’ve updated the estimated annual gas usage so it is more in line with what we expect, based on the gas readings we’re getting through. Your suggested payment amount has now also been updated.

I hope this clears things up, but if you have any questions, please let me know.


Thanks Cara. I have, however, little confidence trust this will have been a permanent resolution, as the adjustment you have made has been twice I believe, in the last few months, and the estimated annual usage, together with the request to increase direct debit to approx £600 has just returned.
As I say, thank you anyway, but I doubt that it will fix it!

Hi @David57

I understand your concern entirely. We’ve updated the issue with the estimated gas usage on our end. The best way to make sure it stays at the right level overtime is to submit readings every month, as this is what future estimations are based on.

If you do ever have any other issues just let us know and one of the team will be happy to take a look :+1: :bulb:


…. but you have missed the point, as have your colleagues.
My smart meter is working perfectly and the bills are accurately reflecting my usage and have done since joining Bulb in Feb/March this year. I have no need to submit meter readings as the smart meter works well!
I need somebody at bulb to put a permanent fix in place that stops the annual estimated usage on my statements at 10x the actual and then asking me to increase my monthly direct debit to £600!!! It shouldn’t need me to message, email or webchat with Bulb every bloody time, just for someone to say “I’ve altered it manually”!
Don’t respond unless you have a permanent fix…. It’ll just get me unnecessarily angry.

Hi @David57 :wave:

You’re correct- no need to submit readings, but the more accurate readings we get (in your case, automatically from your smart meter), the more accurate your suggested payment amount (SPA) will be.

Recalculating and updating the annual consumption figure (using the actual readings from the smart meter) is the most permanent change we can make to the account to make the SPA more accurate.

If you find there are still issues with the SPA (which I hope there won’t be), there is the option to pay on receipt of the statement (i.e. for exactly what you use) each month. It does mean your direct debit will be different every month, but if you find it might be preferable, we can set something like that up.


Please don’t respond to this.
My annual usage of gas has never, with current or past suppliers in the last 40 years of living here, ever exceeded £700 pa.
So why do you think Bulb has such a problem estimating my annual use of gas, using correct information past and present, with currently correct information provided from a smart meter? Suggesting my monthly DD’s should be £600+ on estimated annual usage of £5600?? It’s not a problem or issue I should be dealing with. Bulb should be sorting it out permanently- which appears to be impossible.
Please do not respond!
There’s something inherently wrong with your system that you’re unable to correct…… let’s leave it there shall we?

Having been promised by one of the managers that the issue had been resolved, it hasn’t been.

I’m not in the least bit surprised that the app, after a few weeks of suggesting monthly payments of £70 or so, is now asking me to change my direct debit to £820 per month!
I’m still over £200 in credit and only using about £90 of fuel each month.
It’s exhausting and soooo frustrating!!!