statements and payments

I would find it helpful if there could be a third column in this section that shows my current “in hand” balance. I appreciate that you give that when you send mail with month usage and amount but that does not give a true balance figure as it does not show the current month that you have received. Other than that keep up the good work.

Is the current balance not on this page?

Thank you, I had not seen that page before. Will search for it.

Thanks @phproxy - that’s what I’d have said too. Is that what you mean, @michael963?

Have found it on “change my payment” details. Never thought of looking there, but now I know.

I was about to grumble about this too, as I expected to find a running balance on the statements and payments page.
Perhaps you could change the label on the dashboard to “check my balance and payment details” instead of ‘change my payment details’?
That would make it a bit more intuitive - for me at any rate.
Otherwise you’ve got a great and easy to use site. Thank you and keep it up!

@Nordenian We are looking at how we display things in our website and obviously, this is one of the areas which isn’t that clear where certain things should be. It might well be updated soon!

Do like the new payments and statements page. Thank you

Excellent, much easier to follow now.

Thanks for the feedback so far- keep it coming if there is anything that still stands out as needing improvement :slight_smile: