Statements for January 2020 and why don't you answer my emails?

I have tried to contact you several times since November about my account and made a very large payment as you said I owed so much based on estimated readings, yet I provided my readings. Since making the payment I have not seen a statement for January 2020 detailing my payment and I think there is an overpayment on my account.
Please provide me with the January statement by return.

I don’t think you’ve tried to contact me, I’m just another customer, as are most of the people on this community forum. I’d suggest giving Bulb a call on the phone tomorrow morning.

You’re not going to get anything “by return” by posting on here.

Thanks for your advice - just another confusing Bulb tactic I guess! You’re right Im on on the wrong track and am leaving immediately … just as quickly as I will leave Bulb!

Let me know if you’d like a referral for So Energy … considerably cheaper gas than Bulb. :grinning:

the billing system is broken and bulb replying to emails is on the verge of extinction