Statements missing, increases in DD & £4000 credit

Please assist with the following. No reply yet via online support form completed a week ago, was advised by family to reach out on here instead. Loyal Bulb customer for 4 years but very concerned with recent issues.

I’m a pensioner and concerned that despite being £4439 in credit, have recently received an email advising direct debit will increase to £394.13 a month. This is clearly based on my May 2021 statement.

  1. We have had no statements issued online since May 2021. Why is this, and will we be able to download them at some point?

  2. There have been a number of statement corrections posted since July 2021 in relation to bills from 2020. Please clarify if this rectifies the ongoing issue of suspected overcharging we raised with customer services since at least May 2020.

The reason we had raised this was that it appeared that our bills were at least 2-3x more expensive than the quote given when we joined Bulb. Likewise, compared to what should be expected for a 4 bedroom semi-detached house with double glazing and 4 residents - two of whom are over 60.

Many thanks

Hi @suni,

Welcome to community :wave: Thanks for your post! I am sorry o hear you are struggling with your payments.

Your account is currently in £4438.97 in credit due to the bill failures on your account. I am sorry this has not been sorted sooner. I am now looking into this with our team. We are in the process of creating a consolidated bill for the period between 20/06/19 - 19/09/21 which is why you have such a large balance.

It is great to see both your electricity and gas meter are sending through readings. I would be keen for us to do a space test, would that be ok? To ensure the readings are being submitted the correct way.

Please follow the instructions below. This will help me distinguish between the day and night register.

How to conduct a Space Test:

  1. Please take a photo after 9am of both rates 1 and 2.
  2. Please take another photo 4 hours later, or any time before 9pm.
  3. Once you have all 4 photos, please send them to me in response to this email

I’ve picked up your message via email, so if you could respond to me there. I’ll be able to take a further look for you. From these photos, we’ll be able to see which register is working during the day.


Don’t take this as having a go at you, but why on earth did you let it get to that much in credit??

Hi @Anton59,

The money was previously paid towards other statements which are now in question due to the readings. So the draft consolidated statement is for a similar amount to the account balance. The OPs team are currently checking this large statement.

– Daisy :bulb:


To update this thread, consolidated statement was completed day after my first post. We have had no communication for how this may have helped resolve our issues as per the first post.

Our online Bulb account shows -£8192 out (with consolidated statement attached 20/06/19 - 19/07/2021), followed by +£8192 (“statement correction”) on the same day, so we are back to being £4439 in credit.

I uploaded required photos for the “Space Test” last Thursday - 7 days ago. There was delay whilst we clarified with Daisy how to take readings. Responses were fairly quick at that point.

However, we have had no response for a week now since uploading the required photos for the Space Test.

The lowest we could reduce our Bulb direct debit to online till this is resolved - £364.17.

Bulb do this to me as well, you speak to them they fix it and mine has currently happened again, I’m £4500 in credit at the moment, and I stop receiving monthly bills as well when bulb do it.