Statements not being generated

Again since my smart meters have been fitted always problems with statements being generated one online chat support said my smart gas readings are not being received the next day another online support person said yea they have been receiving the readings no problem so I don’t know who to believe and why are the statements not coming and looking at the community I’m not the only one please bulb sort out the IT

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Hello @Jock76

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to the Bulb Community :smile::bulb:

I have taken a quick look into your account and I can see that statements have been produced recently, with your next statement due on the 30th of May.

In regards to the confusion surrounding your readings, I can confirm that we have been receiving regular smart readings for your electricity however this month, an estimate was used for your gas reading.

I can see my colleague has raised this with the smart team directly, I will chase an update for you now and send you an email shortly to discuss these issues further.


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