Statements not being sent


I joined bulb in March last year, all was well for the first few months, however I’ve not received a statement since last June.

I had a smart meter installed last year also, which rarely works - it only seems to log meter readings on the 1st of each month?

How do I request a statement? I would ideally like a statement every 3 months to ensure I’m staying on top of my payments. I have emailed previously a few months ago but didn’t hear back.

You should get a statement every month. The last time you mentioned this problem on the forum it was suggested you contact the Bulb team direct, did you do this? It is a poor show if Bulb are not sending out monthly statements or responding to your concerns.

I changed over to buld on 20/4/2021 and my old supplier is trying to bill me are you my supplier

Could you try that again? Or at least tell us if Coronavirus is over in your timeline.

Does this help:

Hi @Lb501, thanks for posting on our community. I am really sorry that you have not received a bill since June. I have found the issue on your account and sorted it for you, this will not happen again and a bill is on its way to you right now. It was due to having two identical readings on the same day when you had your smart meter installed, but I have fixed it now. You will receive statements monthly from now on. If you have any questions, just let me know and I will drop you an email. - Sam

Hi @perriejohn44, we received an objection to taking over your supply. Unfortunately we do not get told the reasons for this, so i would recommend you ask your current supplier why this was. let us know once you have spoken to them and we will re-apply again for you. - Sam

I’ll ask my usual question. Why wasn’t this flagged automatically so that someone could fix it before the customer having raised an issue? Your systems know that a statement is supposed to be produced monthly. Any account that has had a statement job fail to run should automatically raise an alert. This is the very basics of system automation.

Perhaps that is the date in the future when he is going to apply or he is Captain Kirk from star trek and CV hasn’t caught up with him yet

Hi @Hooloovoo -

To answer your question, cases like these are flagged and worked by our Ops team.

Fabulous! Could you now correlate that statement with