Statements or the lack of?

Can you tell me why I am not receiving statements any longer ?
I need these to keep a track on my payments and have proof to hand.

Did you switch to a smart meter? I haven’t received a statement since our smart meter was installed in August.

I think there’s a glitch in the statement system for smart meter users.

I haven’t received a statement since I switched to a smart meter either. My account is credited each month following my direct debit payment, but nothing’s being taken out!

Yes no statements since moved to a smart meter, as well as smart ,meter not working

same,same I submitted reading but nothing… smart meters are supposed to make this stuff simple! come on BULB!

I was sent a statement today after contacting Bulb by online chat. I suspect there are various manual things that need to be done to switch to the smart meter which meant this had to be done by hand.

Weirdly in the process of generating the statement all my electricity smart readings were deleted and replaced by estimates! Ah well, all progress in the right direction…

Ah, well, that answers my question. I have been looking every day for my November statement since I was sure my old meter was faulty and also I have been using Alexa more to manage switching off power to items to try to save money and I am fairly certain the amount I am paying each month is too high.

It seems rather crazy that with more modern tech, Billing goes to the wall? I notice that there have been no comments from Bulb operatives on this issue, so I guess it is the case of following this thread and keep checking back to see if there is any change. My Smart Meter went in mid October 2019.

Has anyone found a way to download daily kW data in a CSV/Excel format. When I spoke to a Bulb operative, I was assured that I could download the data but all I can see is a rather pathetic bar chart that is shown in cash terms, not energy used.

I also note that the online data doesn’t let you see Annual moving averages or a one page comparison between say, October 2018 and October 2019. The data must be there, but accessing it from each individual month’s statement and manually entering it into Excel seems a bit of slow old process. Obviously not having specific kW data makes proper energy comparisons impossible and with now, no statement data to rely upon it makes it all a bit of a nonsense.