Statements sent in abundance

I have been getting an abundance of statements a month since September. This was originally over 10 in September and then the same in October both by email. I contacted Bulb several times by email and phone. They apologised and said this would stop so only important statements would be sent to me. I also received £45 in compensation.

However, the statements were still sent despite assurances.

Since I was still getting statements and this was clogging up my email I changed to paper statements. I am now getting paper statements sent to me every other day and they essentially say the same thing. So they are wasting resources, paper and my patience.

I would leave in an instant if I could get another energy company to open an account for me in this energy crisis. Unfortunately my bill would be double!

I am just losing the will to read any statements. I am also a vulnerable person and really don’t need this extra annoyance. I find it all very confusing and worry I will miss any important information being sent.

Hi @Elbeat

Welcome to community :wave:

I’m really sorry about the stress the statements have caused, we should have put a stop to them sooner and I acknowledge we let you down here.

I’ve just had a chat with our operations team - when we settle a dispute (correct readings) with another supplier, we send communications to them via our billing system. For some reason the communications kept sending even after the dispute had been closed which was triggering statements to be produced.

We’ve now put a stop to those going through, which will see an end to the statements being re-issed. We had to put one final one through today however, so unfortunately you will still receive one more through.

If you’d like to open a complaint about this please can you email, or let me know if you have any more questions.

Ele :bulb:

I revived five more statements today so you’re reassurances that I will only receive one are lost on me. Shall I send them back to Bulb unopened?

Hi @Elbeat sorry for the delayed reply, we’ve had community on hold for a couple of weeks as we’ve been really busy.

I think it’s likely those statements had already been issued when Ele fixed the account, but do let us know if you’ve received any more and we will absolutely look into it. - Miriam :electric_plug: